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To read more of my thoughts, please visit my other pages. – This is my primary business. – This is my business page for coaching and public speaking. – This is my wedding officiant website. View photos of weddings I have officiated and read my marriage articles. – My LinkedIn profile page. Okay, so this is not a website. It’s all of my Amazon reviews. I appreciate all of the helpful votes.

3 Responses to My Other Websites

  1. Angie Stehle says:

    Hi, I have a special request today. You have a very good illustration/picture on this website here, it’s the one depicting the left-brain and right-brain. May I ask you please, would you kindly give me permission to use that picture on my website? It’s and I too write about positivity in there, which you can see when you click on POSITIVITY etc. This and the artwork, that’s all in the context of helping people with getting well from difficult or life-threatening illnesses. I’d be happy to put your URL/website link underneath that picture, if you could kindly permit me to use it on my website. Thank you so much in advance.
    Kind regards, Angie Stehle (in Ireland)

  2. Angie Stehle says:

    Hello Mr Monty, that is very kind of you, thank you for your permission.
    Best regards, and all the best to yourself.

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