Death By Tolerance

images1PUBE260Since I started my own business a year ago, finding time to blog has been rare, and I apologize for that, but sometimes things just start to eat at me and I have to make time. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where our great nation is headed and how we got in this condition – and what – if anything, we can do to change it.

The argument can certainly be made that America was at its pinnacle of greatness at the conclusion of World War II. Since Berlin fell and Hitler took a dirt nap, and we introduced Japan to the nuclear weaponry, America has been on a down hill spiral that now seems to be spinning out of control and will soon end in our demise. In hindsight, vast volumes of books will be written after we are gone about how this once great nation fell into such a sad state of disarray. But I believe one thing will stand out as the principle culprit which led to our self destruction – TOLERANCE.

If you look at American history, our nation began because people of great courage were intolerant. The Pilgrims settled here because they were intolerant of religious persecution and the lack of religious freedom. A group of rebels took a stand against the world’s greatest empire because they were intolerant of 3% taxation without representation. Yes, 3% – today we tolerate taxation of as high as 70% for some. Once our liberty was secured and the young nation was founded, we were intolerant of Muslim pirates on the Barbary Coast and brave young Marines like Presley O’Bannon put an end to the savagery. Then in less than three generations the nation became intolerant of slavery. While this was a positive step for America and all of humanity, the south was forced to take the first steps of tolerance when states rights were usurped by the federal government. As western expansion occurred, despite the teachings of revisionist historians like Howard Zinn, we were intolerant of Indian savagery and attacks on settlements as well as tribal warfare. In the 1800’s, more Indians were killed in North America by the Sioux tribe than by the U.S. Army. Zinn never told you that, did he?

Throughout the reconstruction era and into the progressive era of the early twentieth century, forced tolerance began to work its way into our government; the aforementioned usurpation of states rights, taxation and social programs were tolerated in the name of “progress”, but we were still strong enough to survive these transgressions of our freedom.

At the conclusion of Word War II, under the pathetic “leadership” of Harry Truman, modern day tolerance was born. We had the greatest fighting force in the history of mankind  situated in a logistical “perfect storm”. My Uncle Floyd waited with Patton in Europe and my Uncle Zeland had just secured Hiroshima and waited with MacArthur in the Pacific. Both of these great leaders were primed and ready to put an end to communism and destroying the Russian Army, but the spineless Truman said we must tolerate communism. Had these two leaders been allowed to end communism then and there, there would have been no Korean War, no Cuban missile crisis, no Viet Nam War, no killing fields of Cambodia and millions of lives would have been ultimately saved.

Not only did we tolerate communism at the conclusion of World War II, our culture began to change. “Tolerance” became not only an acceptable part of American life, it became a virtue to be molded and cherished. John Wesley’s quote – “What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace”, has proven itself over and over in the past seventy years. We tolerated communism and now millions of American citizens who know no better, embrace the idea.

There was a landslide of tolerance thrown on the American people in the 1960s. Liberalism is a cunning evil and has carefully crafted how it will erode a great nation. We were taught to be more tolerant and that intolerance simply would not be tolerated. That’s the entire liberal mantra, they are tolerant as long as you agree with them 100%, then see how intolerant they become. Conform to their way of thinking or be labelled and condemned. Anarchy must be tolerated – freedom of expression, you know. Drug addiction must be tolerated – no one can be held accountable. Homosexuality must be tolerated – it’s not a choice, they were born that way. Rioting and looting must be tolerated – after all, if you oppose them you must be a racist. Personal freedom must be sacrificed for the common good – you don’t need a 30 round magazine, you gun-toting redneck.

Are you beginning to see how tolerance is forced on us by intimidation? If you refuse to tolerate something that is socially destructive, then there is obviously something wrong with you – this is the liberal tool of destruction and it is destroying America!

Look no further than the tools the left uses against anyone who opposes our Muslim President. The first and favorite tool they will use if one opposes his uber liberal policies is, “you must be a racist.” Let me now state emphatically, if I see Dr. Ben Carson’s name on the ballot in 2016, he has my vote. Refer to Barack Hussein Obama as a Muslim and you are obviously a bigot – despite the fact that he was raised by a Muslim father, in Muslim schools, in Muslim communities and has repeatedly demonstrated and proclaimed his devotion to Islam. Question his birth records or those of his “daughters” and you are some sort of conspiracy theorist – despite his “foreign student” status in college and all the questions surrounding his birth certificate. Say something about Michelle’s Adams apple and you’re labelled a homophobe. It’s all a ploy to force you to conform to the liberal doctrine.

Today, tolerance has reached new heights. We are expected to tolerate the Islamization of America. Mosques are being funded all over America by foreign governments. Illegal immigration is being forced down our throats and it has absolutely nothing to do with Hispanic emigrants – it has to do with paving the way for millions more Muslims to invade our shores.

imagesL5I2SGL5If our nation is to survive, it’s time to stop tolerating tolerance. Americans must proclaim, as Howard Beale did in the movie “Network”, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” – before it’s too late to turn back the clock. Stop tolerating elected officials that have ethics of a hyena, regardless of which political party they are in. Stop tolerating actors and actresses who spew their diatribe while having absolutely no connection with common society. Stop tolerating the intolerance directed toward Christianity! Stop tolerating the biased news media. Stop tolerating the indoctrination centers that have become our public schools. Stop tolerating higher taxes to support those who refuse to support themselves.

If we don’t stop tolerating the things that are so destructive to our nation now, soon we will be begging for tolerance from our captors.

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8 Responses to Death By Tolerance

  1. says:

    YOU ARE A FASCIST! But, you have given me some excellent discussion material for my college class that I am teaching entitled: “Plurality & Diversity in Business” Regards. Jim Sandler

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  3. dorseyhhr says:

    Hear, Hear! Well written. How do the leftists that write our laws continue to get elected?

  4. gloria weaver says:

    This is my gifted nephew. He tells it like is.

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