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Mastery of the Fundamentals

“Excellence is achieved by mastery of the fundamentals.” ~ Vince Lombardi I start getting a bit “antsy” this time of year. I’ve struggled through basketball season, painful as it was seeing the Spurs miss a golden opportunity, and I refuse … Continue reading

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Preparing for Business Droughts

“The thing about crape myrtles is, when everything else is struggling to survive, they are in their full glory.”  ~ Monty Rainey   After a week of travel, I arrived home Friday evening to find the 25’ Catawba Crape Myrtle … Continue reading

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Breaking the Law of Averages

“If you’re doing what everybody else is doing and thinking like everybody else is thinking, you’re probably doing something wrong.”  ~ Andy Andrews   A couple of weeks ago while traveling; I received a tweet from one of the long-time … Continue reading

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You’ve Graduated, Now Your Education Begins!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” ~ Peter Drucker It is the time of year when our future leaders are graduating from college or high school and are preparing to enter the working world and … Continue reading

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How Do You Get to Carnagie Hall? Practice.

“My father taught me the only way you can make good at anything was to practice, and then practice some more.” ~ Pete Rose Last week I wrote about the idea of approaching giving outstanding customer service as though you … Continue reading

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Why Ban Guns? Just Buy Up All the Ammo.

Since the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama last November, I’ve been on a quest to better stock my personal armory. No, I’m not what you’d call a “prepper”, nor am I a conspiracy theorist, I’m just a concerned citizen who … Continue reading

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The opening excerpt of Chapter 8 of the book, YOUR FIRST 100 DAYS IN A NEW EXECUTIVE JOB by Robert Hargrove, really sums up what this book is all about; Every year thousands of managers make transitions into new jobs. … Continue reading

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