As a follow-up to his wonderful book, Influence, Robert Cialdini co-authored YES!: 50 51ohgKCBzrL._SL110_SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN WAYS TO BE PERSUASIVE with Noah J. Goldstein and Steve J. Martin. I only have one issue with this book; they should have stopped at 40 scientifically proven ways to be persuasive. I say that because the last ten “scientifically proven ways” included what I thought were some pretty lame examples such as not being sad, drinking coffee to increase alertness and not letting calls go to voice mail.

Now that I have set that one negative aside, let me say anyone that has anything to do with negotiations (and don’t we all to one degree or another) should put this on their must read list. When you put aside the few chapters that might be duds, the rest of the book has some fantastic ideas that are sure to improve negotiations, many of which I am certain – unless you’ve already read this book – you may have overlooked.

Since I led this review off with the one low point of the point, I should mention some of the high-points. There were a couple of chapters that really illustrated how to turn an agreement into a commitment. These were very valuable. There was a wonderful chapter that illustrated why restaurants are making a huge mistake by placing mints by the hosts’ counter. Did I mention every person who works in the food service industry would greatly increase their tips by reading this book? There is a good chapter also about how companies make a mistake by giving away a free gift without emphasizing the value of the gift. In the storage business, many companies often give a free lock with rentals, but I’ve never seen one mention the actual value of the lock.

The book is barely over 200 pages and each of the 50 ideas have their own chapter so each chapter is bite-sized, making this a great read for on the go. One of the things I really enjoyed about the book was in the appendix where list a handful of feedback letters from where some of the specific techniques have been tried and how they impacted the results. The real life practical applications really do well to illustrate the examples.

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