Mentoring allegories have long been a favorite of mine. I believe writers are able to convey31Rdbs-22IL__AA160_ great points using this technique and make a story interesting, even if not always totally believable. I also believe some of the great lessons of the power of mentoring have been displayed through allegories in recent years. Patrick Lencioni’s famed Death By Meeting taught us how to make meetings more productive and enjoyable. Sprout! Everything I Need to Know About Sales I Learned From My Garden, gave a simple and logical approach to sales to thousands who struggled with their career choice. Jon Gordon has made a career out of writing some great business allegories such as Soup and The Seed. Then there is one of my all-time favorite books by Andy Andrews, The Noticer, which puts everything in our lives into the right perspective.

THE SUPERMANAGER by Greg Blencoe is one of the latest of business allegories which focuses on team building and first time leadership roles. In this book, Andrew Hernandez reflects back on the lessons his mentor, Leon Cook had taught him years earlier that helped him build a successful career in management. At the age of 22, fresh out of college, Andrew found himself thrown into a management role with no idea how to build and maintain a successful team. A chance meeting with a successful restaurant owner would be a turning point in Andrew’s career and life. Andrew reaches out to the restaurant owner for guidance and Leon Cook is happy to mentor the young manager. The story takes us through the seven management lessons Leon lived by.

This is a diminutive book of under 100 pages and is a quick read. I read it during a 2 hour flight. That is my only knock on this book. I would have liked to have seen the seven principles discussed developed much deeper than they were. The author gets his points across, but only on a base level. But, you may be looking for a quick and easy read to jump start you with some new management ideas and if so, this is a good choice for you.

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