Why Ban Guns? Just Buy Up All the Ammo.

Since the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama last November, I’ve been on a quest to atk-ammo-e1359396812178better stock my personal armory. No, I’m not what you’d call a “prepper”, nor am I a conspiracy theorist, I’m just a concerned citizen who despises what he sees this socialist president doing to America and no longer trusts the government to do what is in our best interest. I do also subscribe to the proven statement that, “if you fail to prepare you must prepare to fail.”

My quest began rather casually but has now become much more determined. I’m in pretty good shape as far as ammunition goes on most of my weapons, but I do feel less than comfortable about my supply of 9mm pistol ammunition and 5.56 rifle rounds for my AR-15. These would be my primary choices, along with my Mossberg 500 tactical police shotgun, for self/home defense should the world ever fall apart.

Although its been many years since I did much ammunition reloading, since I moved to my new home last year I now have ample room to renew my interest in reloading ammunition. So with all that in mind, I’ve been actively seeking to build up my supply of 9mm and 5.56 rounds as well as to stockpile reloading components. Having not been “active” in the gun culture for several years, I was at first surprised to find the scarcity of ammunition and more particularly, the scarcity of reloading supplies.

Business takes me to Houston regularly, so I figured what I couldn’t find in San Antonio, I would surely be able to find in nearby Houston where the gun culture is more pronounced and prevalent. I was a little surprised to find more of the same. The 9mm and 5.56, the same ammunition as used by the military and most law enforcement, simply was not available, nor is there much to be found in the way of reloading components. Case in point, last week in Houston, I stopped by a store that has the best selection of reloading supplies I have found. The 9mm pistol round takes what is classified as a “small pistol” primer. This very large store with the largest supply of reloading supplies in the Houston market, had a total of 400 small pistol primers on hand and would only allow me to purchase 200 of them.

While in Houston, I stopped by another place where they make remanufactured ammunition at a fairly reasonable price, but I’ve stopped by there 3 times without much luck. The first time there, I was able to purchase 500 rounds of 5.56 ammo but they were out of 9mm. My next two trips, they were out of both. So I asked they guy at the counter, “What’s the deal?” He told me the government was buying it all.

This weekend, I did a little research on the google machine and found out, he was right! Recently conservative talk show host Mark Levin told his audience the Obama government is buying up vast amounts of ammunition to prepare for the economic collapse of our society, and he just may have nailed it. Over the past six months, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security has purchased over 1.4 billion (not a typo, billion with a b) rounds of ammo in 9mm, 5.56 and a few .40 cal rounds as well.

Let’s put that into perspective, there are just over 320 million people in America right now, counting illegal aliens. That’s enough ammunition to shoot every person in America about 5 times. Let’s put that into even more perspective. At the peak of the Iraq war, which got pretty hot there for a while, we were expending 5.5 million rounds of ammunition per month. At that rate, the DHS alone, not even counting other branches of government, has purchased enough ammunition for a 24 year long war.

But it’s not just the DHS hoarding ammo for the Obama government. The Social Security Administration recently made a large purchase.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (I’ve never even heard of them) got into the act with a recent huge purchase, all hollow point. The Federal Reserve (yes, they have their own police force) bought up more hollow point ammunition.  That’s just what I found in just five minutes on google.

So what is the government planning? I don’t have an answer for that, but what I do know is, I don’t trust Obama and his minions as far as I could throw them. I don’t know where they intend to take us, but I will be prepared. Are you ready for whatever the government has planned?

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Public Speaker and District Manager. Mission: To empower and inspire others professionally, personally and spiritually to elevate their lives to a higher level.
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1 Response to Why Ban Guns? Just Buy Up All the Ammo.

  1. Suzanne Sneed says:

    Monty, there are those of us who know what they are planning to do and where they are planning to take us. Same page…”And, when you have done all you can do; JUST STAND!!! Suzanne Sneed


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