IMG_1269-002I always find it fascinating when someone, in this case a neurosurgeon, comes to terms with the reality that God really does exist and that what the Bible tells us about the afterlife is real. PROOF OF HEAVEN is the 41uGms29-9L._SL500_OU01_SS130_account of Dr. Eben Alexander and his journey of discovery through his own near death experience (NDE) and the week he spent in a coma after contracting meningitis. Because Dr. Alexander is a “man of science” this book is supposed to solve the question once and for all, but it will hardly do so. In fact, there is already a book out disclaiming Dr. Alexander’s account.

The truth is, there will always be countless numbers who will discount any evidence whatsoever of a supreme being, and that number is growing daily. As our society pushes away from God and faith, it will become more and more difficult for people who have for years, rejected a notion, even campaigned to have it removed even further from society, to all of the sudden accept it. That would require admitting they were wrong and people, especially politicos, academes and scientific types, just don’t like to do that.

But there is another contingent of people, those who believe in the Word on God, but are conflicted because of the societal pressures that have been applied. No one wants to be considered foolish or nonsensical because of their beliefs, so in time, they begin to question their beliefs. They may even pray for “some sort of proof” of existence. They just want to be certain their faith is based on something real before they will go “all in” with it. For this group of people, this book is a “must read”.

I’ve not read much about NDE’s, and I would not have read this book if my wife hadn’t ordered it after hearing Dr. Alexander on one of those daytime drivel shows while she was recovering from an illness. Me being the consummate reader and her only usually reading 2 or 3 books per year, I’m always intrigued by the books she does decide to read, so as usual, I read the book before she get to it.

The book is well written and will most certainly solidify those of questionable faith and will perhaps bring them some of the answers they seek.  For me, as a Pastor and person very comfortable with my faith and my relationship with God, this didn’t really tell me much I didn’t already know, other than perhaps some of the actual mechanics of journeying into the afterlife. I already know there will be no sorrow, no pain, and no regret. I already know about the indescribable sights, sounds and emotions. I’ve been anxiously awaiting these things most of my life, but I’m very in tune with the reality that most people are petrified of death and what lies in store. This book will help those people to relieve some of those unnecessary fears.

Think of how glorious life on this earth really is. Physical death is when we leave this life and enter into the spiritual realm that is free from all of the pain and suffering of this life. That transition will be far more glorious than anything ever experienced in this life. Therefore, fearing death becomes an exercise in absurdity. Don’t put yourself through that! This book will help you not only accept, but anxiously anticipate the day the Lord calls you home.


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