Timing is everything. This bit of truth can sometimes bring with it, a sadness. Such is the 51cSWetryWL._SL110_OU01_SS80_case for me when a quite well-written book is simply outdated by technology. I’m quite sure ESTABLISHING A SYSTEM OF POLICIES AND PROCEDURES, by Stephen Page was on the cutting edge of P&P development when it was published in 1998, however, technology has long ago rendered this well-written book, largely irrelevant.

At the time of its publication, web-based manuals were just beginning to become a reality. Many even so-called “progressive” companies still embraced the tradition of print manuals and the vast benefits of on-line manuals were only just beginning to be realized. Today however, is there still a company out there hasn’t converted all of their policies and procedures into an electronic format?

I’m sure there may still be a few hold-outs that may even have a valid reason for wanting the P&P’s in print form. For those select few, you will find valuable information here on the entire scope of creating a P&P system.  Conversely, if you are utilizing software (such as Zavanta by Comprose) specifically designed for manual writing, you’re going to find 75% or more of the information here will not incorporate into what you are doing.  While a few things haven’t been altered by technology and do apply to both print and on-line media, such as formatting, a good writing software such as Zavanta does that automatically.

I do want to specify that, in the event that you are having to create a paper manual for your P&P’s, this book would be a great help and I would highly recommend it. On the other hand, if your company has entered into the 21st century and you are creating an electronic publication, I don’t think you find much here that is going to make the task any easier.

I can typically measure the usefulness and value I get out of a book by the amount of notes I wrote in the margins. This one is still in Near mint condition.


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