It seems that every book ever written about self-development talks about the power of positive thinking and FINDING THE PROSPERITY WITHIN by Brian Webster carries the same message, but there are a few things that really set this book apart from most. The book is presented as an allegory about Jamie, a professional woman whose personal success always seems just out of reach and a chance encounter she has with Tim, a success coach. Tim goes on to mentor Jamie towards the success that has always eluded her.

Jaime lives and works in Silicon Valley and finds herself once more working for a company that is failing due to poor leadership. She sees so many others who seem far less capable than her who enjoying great success and decides success is really just a matter of chance based of picking the right company to work for. When she meets Tim, she begins a journey of self-discovery that totally alters her perspective. When she begins applying the principles Tim is uncovering she begins to see immediate results.

Far more than just unleashing the power of positive thinking, Tim opens with the concept of the four D’s; Desire, Definition, Determination and Discipline – each one a critical ingredient for success. Like so many, Jaime’s life simply followed wherever fate seemed to take her with very little control on her part. Tim shows her how to actually plan her life by exploring and listing the things she does well, the things she enjoys doing and the things she wants to learn more about, then finding the intersecting areas to create her own roadmap for life.

Along the journey, Jaime learns who so much of what she believes of herself are simply pre-conceived notions put there by the influence of others. This is where the author really drives home the message that whatever it is that we think is lacking and keeping us from reaching our potential is already inside us, all we have to do is eliminate the negativity in our minds that is keeping it suppressed. We have to learn not to give in to the negative notions and limitations that are assigned to us from the time we are small children.

Jaime also learns about using affirmations and a concept the author calls “peeling the onion”. Along the way – not addressed directly – the reader will find leadership concepts such as servant leadership put use and the law of attraction.

At times, this book drones a bit and you may find difficulty in holding your attention as the story unfolds, but I beg you, dear reader, stay with it. The rewards will be plentiful as there is much to be gleaned from this book. I’m certain I have done the story justice, so I will close with giving this book my highest recommendation. Even if you have read hundreds of self-development books as I have, you will find this one to be unique and filled with pearls.

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