Faith over Fear

Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man’s power ends.” ~ George Frederick Muller

Did you know that faith is also the opposite of and remedy for fear? Whenever we are unable to reach our dreams, goals and desires, it is often because we are letting our fears hold us back. Faith is the antidote for fear. Fear is overcome by doing that which we are afraid to do.

We have a magnificent manual for living our best life readily available to us. It’s called the Holy Bible. In it, we are advised repeatedly to “fear not” or to “be not afraid”. In fact, these phrases (or similar phrases telling us not to live in fear) are found In the Bible a total of 365 times; once for every single day of the year. It seems pretty clear that we should not live a fear filled life.

Virtually every human being suffers from some form of fear that is holding them from reaching their full potential.  Studies have indicated that fully 75% of all human beings have a fear of public speaking. As with any type of fear, the only way to overcome this fear is to simply apply the Nike slogan. Just do it! Once you muster the courage to stand up in front of a small group and speak; and you later realize your fears were unfounded; you didn’t get hurt; you didn’t make a fool of yourself; or you weren’t ridiculed, you begin to overcome your fear. You gradually face larger crowds until one day you realize it is starting to become enjoyable to you.

Fear also places limitation on what we believe is possible. For thousands of years, no one ever ran a 4-minute mile, yet when Roger Bannister finally broke the barrier in 1954, within 3 years, sixteen others also managed to break that mark. The impossible was now proven to be possible. Up until 1953, no one had successfully reached the 29,000 foot summit of Mt. Everest. The feat was finally accomplished in 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary. Since that time, more than 650 climbers have reached the summit. The impossible was proven to be possible.

Up until 1973, no horse had ever won the grueling mile and half Belmont Stakes by a distance of more than 10 lengths. In 1973, not only did Secretariat win the triple crown of horse racing and set a track record at the Belmont, he won by an incredible 31 lengths! No one ever told Secretariat it was impossible.

Do what you fear most and that fear will disappear. Have faith; faith in God and faith in your own abilities. Faith is a belief that does not rest on logic or evidence; it rests in the courage to believe.

We exercise our faith every day. Think about it; each time you get behind the wheel of your car, you are putting faith in the multitude of strangers you share the road with that they will not run into you. Why then would you put faith in total strangers you know nothing about, many of whom would struggle to pass a driving test, but not have faith in your own ability to do more today than you thought you could yesterday?

What is the burning desire you have held for so long that you have allowed fear to hold you back? Just try it. Yes, it’s true you might fail, but so what? Thomas Edison failed over 1,000 times before he successfully invented a light bulb that worked! However, as he saw it, he did not fail at all, but simply found over 1,000 ways that would not work before he found one that would.

Overcome your fears. Have faith. Keep trying. Never give up!

About montyrainey

Public Speaker and District Manager. Mission: To empower and inspire others professionally, personally and spiritually to elevate their lives to a higher level.
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