Book Review: ORIGINAL INTENT: The Courts, The Constitution and Religion

I do not recall the last time I enjoyed a book as much as this one. Mr. Barton’s painstaking research is evident throughout this magnificent work. I am one of those book destroyers who make personal notations in the margins and my copy is loaded with reference notes. This book will have a permanent home on the shelf by my desk, as I am sure to reference it often.

Barton builds an impregnable case that the current liberal assertion of church and state separation, which has evolved into an all out attack, particularly on Christianity, is far from the original intent of the founders. Barton delves into how the anti-God crowd has distorted Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists, where he mentions creating a “wall of separation”, and how the left has continually assaulted the premise that America was created a “Christian” nation. Barton backs up his factual evidence with page after page of undisputable writings from our founders.

Barton examines numerous cases of judicial decisions in early American history, which have been omitted from modern judicial opinions. The reader follows the journey of how the anti-God crowd has meticulously destroyed the values of which our nation was founded. The reader is then presented with an insight to the religious beliefs of the founders. Barton then shows how selective history and revisionism history has been used to rewrite and ignore original intent.

Barton concludes with a chapter on how to return to original intent that is a must read for every American. All this in only the first two-thirds of the book! The reader is then given nearly two hundred additional pages of appendix which includes short biographical sketches of many of the founders and other American leaders referenced in the book. This is followed by an in-depth bibliography that will add many new titles to the readers `must have’ list.

I cannot praise this magnificent book enough. It has already earned a place as one of my most cherished reference books. Couple this book with Michael Novak’s, On Two Wings, and you will have all the necessary ammunition to challenge any argument on religion from the radical left. Buy a copy for yourself and learn the undisputable truth about original intent. This book would also make a tremendous gift to anyone interested in religion and the courts.
Monty Rainey

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2 Responses to Book Review: ORIGINAL INTENT: The Courts, The Constitution and Religion

  1. Amanda says:

    I am excited to read this book. Thank you for the recommendation. I recently went to a concert called ‘To Be American’. It is a “tribute to our faithful Founding Fathers, to Old Glory, to the U.S. Armed Forces, to Americans past and present, and to God”. What a moving evening. It sounds like this book is along those lines.

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