Book Review: NO EXCUSES:Take Responsibility for Your Own Success

NO EXCUSES: Take Responsibility for Your Own Success by David Neenan is a combination how-to book on success and autobiography of the author. Neenan, now retired, built a very successful construction business in Colorado and also a “Business & You” instructor. This book is filled with the life lessons Neenan learned along the way.

Those who read this type of book on a regular basis will find advice they have read before from a variety of sources. Don’t expect to find some new method of self-development here. What you will find is how one man used those lessons most of us are familiar with; how he applied them to his own life, and those lessons brought him fulfillment and success.

Each of the 22 chapters contain a specific virtue or principle Neenen tried to pattern and develop in his own life along with steps we can each use to utilize these same principles and virtues. The book is very well written and was a pleasant read. There is also a nice bibliography at the end with some interesting reading suggestions.

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