Roger Fritz is a well-known very successful business consultant. He has worked with such notable companies as John Deere, Caterpillar, IBM, Sara Lee, Pizza Hut and State Farm. His credentials are impeccable. Given his stature in the business world, I’m certain many people suggested to Mr. Fritz that he should write a book. And so he did. The result is THE POWER OF A POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

First, to get the negatives out of the way. As I read this book, I felt as though Mr. Fritz never actually sat down at his computer and began writing, but rather that the entire work was dictated to his secretary and then someone else typed it into its current form. This diminutive (barely 100 pages) book is filled with bullet points with an absence of much in the way of descriptive text.

Now for the up side – the book is spot-on, laden with pearls of business wisdom. It occurred to me as I read the book, perhaps Mr. Fritz’ intention was not an in-depth tome detailing every aspect of business process, but rather a brief study on what has made him successful in business. That, dear reader, is the end result of what you will find here. A brief recap of what Fritz found to be a formula for success.

There are ten chapters here. About half of which deal directly with attitude, the other half dealing with other aspects of business such as problem solving and dealing with burnout and stress. Each chapter includes five to ten quotes that directly address the topic as well as a few simple worksheets or questionnaires to help develop the concept.

As you would imagine, this is a very quick and easy read – great for that next long business flight. I do wish the author had spent more time detailing and developing his concepts as I feel there is a tremendous amount of very valuable content here to learn from. This is certainly one I would recommend to anyone in a leadership or management position.

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