Anyone on the job hunt preparing for an interview has almost endless resources available. Countless books have been written (including one by this author) to that end, but there are comparatively few resources available for the person sitting across the table actually asking the hiring questions. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS, HIRE THE BEST PEOPLE by Ron Fry helps the interview prepare better questions to hopefully, flesh out better candidates.  Fry, bestselling author of “101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions” even states in his Introduction, “Perhaps because I feel guilty for telling so many interviewees exactly what you want to hear, I thought it only fair that I help you, the interviewer, do a better job of finding the right candidates.

Fry takes the reader through all phases of the interview and selection process from interview preparation through wrapping up the interview. He even ends with a final chapter on avoiding legal issues, a problem that cannot be overlooked in our litigation happy society.

The first 60 pages go into great detail on preparation and a chapter with questions specifically designed for the phone screening process. The next chapter discusses other things to consider before you actually get into the question part of an interview such as the initial greeting, what do when a candidate shows up late, and even body language, albeit brief, but there are many other exhaustive resources available on reading body language.

Then you get into the actual interview questions. I really liked the layout here. A question is posed with a brief description of “What do you want to hear”, that is followed by green light answers, red light answers and variations or alternatives to the question. With the extreme variation in job placement needs, the reader is sure to find any number of questions that may not apply, but you will certainly find countless others that do with variations to choose from to help give the reader an idea of how best to structure a similar question to fit his or her needs.

The next several chapters follow in the same vein covering all aspects of the interview with questions covering such things as educational background, work history and why they have chosen to apply with you. All-in-all, I found this book very useful and will keep my copy close to my desk. This is a terrific resource.


Monty Rainey is a District Manager working in the self storage industry since 1996 and currently overseeing 21 stores in the Austin & San Antonio, TX area. He is also a leadership coach and public speaker. For a free consultation, please contact Monty at 830-743-2139 or visit his website at .

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Public Speaker and District Manager. Mission: To empower and inspire others professionally, personally and spiritually to elevate their lives to a higher level.
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